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Vittorio Mérola

Vittorio Mérola

Assistant Professor

PhD, The Ohio State University

N-721, Social and Behavioral Sciences Building
Department of Political Science
4392 SUNY
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4392

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  • Biography


    Vittorio Mérola  is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at Stony Brook University . Before coming to Stony Brook, he was a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse . He received his Ph.D. in political science and MA in economics from The Ohio State University .

  • Research


    Vittorio Mérola’s research lies at the intersection of comparative politics, political economy, and political psychology. Much of his work centers on how people form impressions and opinions about the political world around them, how they adjust these views as they receive new information, and how these dynamics shape political behavior across contexts. His research has covered topics ranging from economic voting and perceptions, redistribution preferences, partisan biases in factual knowledge, cross-national patterns in authoritarian values, perceptions and effects of economic inequality, and misperceptions and conspiracy theories across various domains.

  • Publications

    Publications - Articles

    Anna Spälti, Benjamin Lyons, Vittorio Mérola, Jason Reifler, Christine Stedtnitz, Florian Stoeckel, and Paula Szewach. Forthcoming. “Partisanship and public opinion of COVID-19: does emphasizing Trump and his administration’s response to the pandemic affect public opinion about the coronavirus?” Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties .

    Tali Mendelberg, Vittorio Mérola, Tanika Raychaudhuri, and Adam Thal. Forthcoming. “When Poor Students Attend Rich Schools: Do Affluent Social Environments Increase or Decrease Participation?” Perspectives on Politics : 1-17. 

    Benjamin Lyons, Vittorio Mérola, Jason Reifler, Florian Stoeckel. 2020. “How Politics Shape Views Toward Fact-Checking: Evidence from 6 European Countries,” The International Journal of Press/Politics 25(3): 469-492. 

    Benjamin Lyons, Vittorio Mérola, and Jason Reifler. 2020. “Shifting medical guidelines: Compliance and spillover effects for revised antibiotic recommendations,” Social Science & Medicine 225: 112943. 

    Benjamin Lyons, Vittorio Mérola, and Jason Reifler. 2019. “Not Just Asking Questions: Effects of Implicit and Explicit Conspiracy Information About Vaccines and Genetic Modification,” Health Communication 34(14): 1741-1750. 

    Agnar Helgason, and Vittorio Mérola. 2017. “Employment Insecurity, Incumbent Partisanship, and Voting Behavior in Comparative Perspective,” Comparative Political Studies 50(11): 1489- 1523. 

    Vittorio Mérola, and Agnar Helgason. 2016. “Are We in the Same Boat or Not? The Opposite Effects of Absolute and Relative Income Shifts on Redistributive Preferences,” The Journal of Politics 78(4): 1107-1123.

    Vittorio Mérola, and Matt Hitt. 2015. “Numeracy and the Persuasive Effect of Policy Information and Party Cues,” Public Opinion Quarterly 80(2): 554-562.

  • Teaching


    Graduate: Next Offered:
    POL 502: Intermediate Statistics POL 604: Applied Data Analysis III 
    POL 601: Foundations - Public Policy and Political Economy POL 675 : Advanced Topics - Comparative Politics I
    POL 604: Applied Data Analysis III  
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