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Political Psychology at Stony Brook University

M.A. Program

The Political Science M.A. degree at Stony Brook University is an innovative program that uses
theory and research in psychology to better understand politics. Small courses taught by our full-time
faculty focus on the psychology of public opinion, attitude change, persuasion, and political behavior.
The program builds on our successful, renowned PhD program in political psychology. The faculty
members who teach in the program include internationally recognized scholars in the fields of
political psychology, public opinion, and political behavior who have all published extensively on
these topics. The program teaches advanced skills in political psychology, public opinion, political
attitudes, and mobilization. The M.A. program is designed to benefit students with diverse interests
and career goals. It will help to prepare students who wish to enter a PhD program in political
science, communications, or social psychology. Many of our M.A. students have been admitted to
top ranked PhD programs. The program will also benefit students interested in the fields of political
campaigns, public relations, media, polling, or those who work for federal or local legislators or not-
for–profit organizations. An internship opportunity gives students the chance to get experience
working for a not-for- profit organization or a relevant business as preparation for the job market. 

Click here for admissions information for the Political Science M.A. degree.


Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. Program in Political Science at Stony Brook is small and research oriented, with concentrations in political psychology, American politics, and political economy. All Ph.D. students receive substantial training in political methodology and can collect original data in one of two state-of-the-art experimental labs, one of which is equipped for social psychology experiments and the other which is designed for incentivized lab studies. The Ph.D. program at Stony Brook is unique in several respects:  we are widely recognized as one of the best departments in the world to study political psychology and the faculty as a whole are regularly ranked as one of the most productive in the country (in terms of publications per capita). Each year, Stony Brook accepts a small number of students, which allows our Ph.D. candidates to have a close working relationship with faculty members, small class sizes, and numerous research opportunities. As a result of the lively intellectual environment at Stony Brook and our rigorous course curriculum, our students have been highly successful in finding jobs at major research and teaching universities as well as in the private sector.

Click here for admission information for the Ph.D. Program in Political Science. 



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