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Issued by:
Office of the Vice President for Administration
Policy 28, January, 1974; October 1988; January 1996
October, 2012

It is the policy of the University that shotguns, rifles, firearms or any device capable of use as a weapon by release of noxious material, electric discharge or projectile, shall not be carried on the campus. This prohibition applies to any deadly weapon, dangerous instrument or form of ammunition defined or described in New York State Penal Law Section 265.00, as amended from time to time. See This policy applies to every person present on University property at any time, including by way of example only: faculty, staff, students, licensees, visitors, members of affiliate organizations, vendors, contractors and their employees.

The only exceptions are the following:

  1. Persons in the military in performance of their official duties.
  2. Law enforcement or other governmental service who are performinng official duties on campus as defined by law, regulation or lawful order.
  3. Persons authorized by their employer and duly licensed to collect or transport cash, checks and other valuables, and who are performing legitimate business responsibilities with authorized University employees or affiliates.
  4. Persons authorized in writing by the University President.

Visitors to the campus identified as lawfully possessing such weapons or devices shall remove them from the campus immediately. Failure to comply with any such directive shall be considered an intentional violation of this policy. Violation of this policy may result in criminal prosecution, disciplinary action and/or other sanctions.

Hunting is unlawful on campus. Consistent with that prohibition, the use or possession of weapons ordinarily used for hunting is in violation of University policy. Examples of such weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms, shotguns, crossbows and compound bows.


University Police Department

Room 162 Duchess Hall 

(631) 63 2-6350

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