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P503: Salary Advances Against Payroll

Issued by:
Office of Administration
Policy 45, October, 1974
May, 2008

Under specific circumstances and at the request of a department head, the Director of Human Resource Services (HRS), or designee, may authorize the payment of a 'salary advance' against wages already earned by an employee.

  • Requests for an 'advance' must be sent to HRS for review and processing.
  • Requests should only be made if the employee's entire paycheck is delayed or in error.
  • Only regular base salary may be considered.
  • Salary advances may be granted up to 70% of gross salary earned.
  • Salary advances will generally not be approved as short term loans or for exception payments such as Overtime, Extra Time, Extra Service, Vacation lump-sum payments at termination, or accrued Vacation, Sick, Holiday, Personal, or Compensatory time.


Human Resource Services

Manager of State Payroll

Requests must be e-mailed to 'Payroll'
Research Foundation:
Manager of Research Payroll

Requests must be e-mailed to 'RF Payroll'
Office address and phone:
Human Resource Services

390 Administration

Stony Brook, NY 11794-0751

(631) 63 2-6200