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P110: Employee Training and Development

Dated: May 20 th, 2008

Issued by:
Office of the Vice President for Finance & Administration
May, 2008

The University is committed to the continuing development of its employees through appropriate training and feedback. Managers encourage employees to participate in approved programs that strengthen workplace skills and/or provide personal growth.

Performance Programs and Evaluations include discussions about training and development. Training that is immediately relevant to the employee's workplace responsibilities should be incorporated into the employee's performance program. Prior written approval by the supervisor is required for courses taken during normal working hours. Employees are expected to use their own time for programs or courses for personal development.
Employees may participate in several training programs of varying duration during the course of the year. The amount of time an employee spends in training should be directly related to the learning needs identified in the mutually agreed upon development plan and will vary according to individual needs and the needs of his/her department. All employees must have access to training and development opportunities that support his/her professional growth.
Employees of non-State organizations (i.e. Research Foundation, Clinical Practice Management Plan, etc.) are welcome to participate in approved programs for training and development. Prior written approval by the supervisor is required.


Office of Human Resources

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Corporate Education and Training

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