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Operation ID

Operation Identification is a theft prevention program that involves marking property with an identifying number to alert thieves that all valuables in the home are marked for identification purposes. Operation Identification is an excellent community project which promotes neighborhood cooperation and citizen awareness of crime prevention strategies.

When an item is recovered by the police department every effort is made to locate the owner. In many situations this is attempted primarily by checking the item for identifying marks and checking the serial number in the computer to determine if the item has been reported stolen. When an owner reports an item stolen to the police and he does not have the serial number(s), the item will not be traceable via the serial number to the owner. However, if an owner has the serial number of the stolen item and this number is checked in the computer by law enforcement officers, this item will show up as a stolen item with owner information. This will allow us to return items to their rightful owners and aid in the prosecution of defendants.

The Operation ID program is open to all Stony Brook University Faculty, Staff and Students.

If you have any questions regarding the Operation ID Program, please contact Community Relations at (631) 63 2-3056.

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