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Photo Galleries

Get a glimpse of what the Audio Podcast Fellows program is all about by looking through some of these photo galleries of guest speakers and students in action.

Ophira Eisenberg

Ophira Eisenberg is host of Ask Me Another, as well as a stand-up performer and writer.

Chris Bannon

Chris Bannon is Chief Content Officer at Stitcher/Midroll Media.

Mia Lobel

Mia Lobel is a producer at Pushkin Industries (Malcolm Gladwell).

John DeLore

John DeLore is Senior Production Manager at Stitcher/Midroll Media's NYC studio.

Emily Botein and Wendy Dorr

Emily Botein is VP of on-demand content at WNYC; Wendy Dorr is editor of narrative audio at The New York Times.

Kerry Donahue

Kerry Donahue is director of training at PRX/Podcast Garage.

Jared Weinstein Bruder

Jared Weinstein Bruder is a brand builder and strategic designer at The Dandy Group.

Julie Subrin and Abigail Keel

Story editor Julie Subrin and senior producer Abigail Keel of Unladylike.

Linya Anwar

Producer of Story Corps.

Zoe Saunders

Zoe Saunders is a producer at Studio 360.

Debora Rabbai

Debora Rabbai is a comedian, voice actor and singer who teaches improvisational acting.

Charles de Montebello

Charles de Montebello is a recording engineer and owner of CDM Studios in Manhattan.

Recording in Class

Students getting acquainted with their Zooms.

Hindenburg Software

Students learning how to use Hindenburg software with Melissa Caceres.