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audio podcast fellowsThe Audio Podcast Fellows program offers nine months of advanced, hands-on training to introduce students to every aspect of podcasting, from storytelling and writing, sound editing and production, to marketing, branding, distribution
and more.

Throughout the Fellows program, students have the option to work on a variety of shows with our production partners, while producing a portfolio that will include the completion of a podcast pilot ready to take to market.

Admission is selective and limited to 10 Fellows at each site.

Application deadline is July 20, 2020.

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For more information about the Audio Podcast Fellows program, please contact:

Kathleen Russo, co-director


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Students will take advantage of two Stony Brook classroom and recording locations:

The newly renovated   David Rakoff Podcast Studio  on the Southampton campus and, in Manhattan, the   Center for Creative Writing and Film, at 535 Eighth Avenue, near Penn Station.

The program will include field trips to conferences, live recordings/shows, and studios around the city. 

Accepted students will have the opportunity to work in a studio on other podcasts as well as their own.


Alumni News: Class of 2019
Becca DeGregorio was hired as a producer for a brand-new Huffington Post podcast, and  Netanel Levitt is now a Podcast Producer for 247Sports.

Student News: Class of 2020
Jennifer Bassett was recently hired as a producer for  The Motherly Podcast, Season 3, and  Talking Feds, and  Ayo Osobarimo is an intern at WYNC for the Death, Sex and Money podcast.

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A Tribute to David Rakoff with 'Selected Shorts' was held at Avram Theater

Listen to Roger Rosenblatt's podcast, 'Word for Word,' a partnership with WSHU Public Radio

In Newsday: Audio podcast program first of its kind

Production Partner

wshu radio WSHU Public Radio will broadcast podcast excerpts and interview hosts on the air, creating widespread awareness among public radio listeners. The podcasts will also be featured on WSHU’s website and promoted via on-air announcements, social media, and e-newsletters—offering an extraordinary opportunity to build audience awareness on Long Island, New York, and across Connecticut. 

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