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updated 3/18/20

Updated Petition Process

In response to the developing situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), there is an electronic petition process that will allow students to request academic exceptions remotely. 


How To Submit a Petition for Academic Exceptions Remotely


Contact an academic advisor.
Students must obtain an electronic petition form (fillable PDF) from an advisor .


Download the PDF petition form and save it to your desktop. Re-open the form from your desktop.
In order to save your information on the fillable PDF form, you must first save it to your desktop and then re-open it again before entering the information. Otherwise, it will not save.


Enter the information in the fillable petition form and save it. 
Complete all required sections of the form as instructed by your advisor.    If you are an international student, an email from a Visa & Immigration Advisor will be accepted in place of a signature.


Attach the saved petition form and any related documentation to an email and send it to the appropriate office for review.
For students in majors in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences:
For students in majors in the College of Business (CoB):
For students in majors in the College of Arts & Sciences, School of Journalism, School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences ( CAS , SOJ , SOMAS ):


Students will be notified of the petition outcome via email.
If approved, there will be additional instructions to process the petition. 


View more information about Petitions & Appeals