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The Center for Accelerator Science and Education (CASE) will pursue cutting edge accelerator science and R&D training of next generation accelerator scientists - graduate and post doctoral – through courses, laboratory and experiments on accelerators. Undergraduate opportunities will play a significant goal of attracting students to the graduate program through introduction to accelerator courses, accelerator laboratory work and summer research opportunities at BNL. The proposed educational program will start with a short term abbreviated educational program of undergraduate, graduate and R&D that will evolve over time.

CASE (SBU & BNL), in collaboration with Cornell University and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), starting Ernest Courant Traineeship in Accelerator Science & Engineering funded by High Energy Physics office of the US Department of Energy ECTA&E. Students in the traineeship program who complete the necessary courses (12 or more credits in accelerator science and engineering) will be issued a Certificate in Accelerator Science and Engineering. This traineeship is available for all students independent of citizenship but funds provided by this DoE award only can be used to provide two years of full support for students who are US citizens or US permanent residents. If you are interested in joining this traineeship contact one of SBU professors listed below: V.N Litvinenko, T. Hemmick, N. Vafaei-Najafabadi (Department of Physics and Astronomy), J. Longtin (Department of Mechanical Engineering), T. Robertazzi , J. Parekh and J. Liu (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering)

You can find articles celebrating incredible scientific life of Ernest Courant at "Happy 100th Birthday to Ernest Courant" and APS: Ernest Courant.



We proudly offer opportunities in partaking the prestigious Ernest courant traineeship through CASE and Stony Brook University. Details can be found here!

New Courses Offered
PHY542:Fundamentals of AcceleratorPhysics and Technology

PHY 694: Plasma and Wakefield Accelerators

PHY 543: RF Superconductivity for Accelerators


Dr. Irina Petrushina won prestigious NY Academy of Sciences Blavatnik Award [1]. SBU News story is at [2] and Blavatnik Award story is at [3] She is also recipient of 2020 RHIC/AGS Thesis Award for her PhD thesis "The Chilling Recount of an Unexpected Discovery: First Observations of the Plasma-Cascade Instability in the Coherent Electron Cooling Experiment" "2020 RHIC/AGS Thesis Award" .