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Arindam Chakrabarti

Arindam Chakrabarti

Nirmal K. and Augustina Mattoo Endowed Chair in Classical Indic Studies
Ph.D. 1982, Oxford University 

Harriman Hall 213
Stony Brook University 
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3750

Tel: (631) 632-7570



Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Language, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, Aesthetics, and Comparative Indian-Analytic Philosophy.

Professor Chakrabarti did his doctoral work in philosophy of language at Oxford in early 1980s under Sir Peter Strawason and Sir Michael Dummett. Since 1984, he has taught at University of Calcutta, University College London, University of Washington Seattle,  University of Delhi,  and, for the last 22 years University of Hawaii.  Since  Fall 2018, he occupies the Mattoo Endowed Chair in Indic Humanities at the Department of Philosophy, Stony Brook University. He published Denying Existence on the logic of singular negative existentials, from Synthese Library Series in 1997, and has most recently edited the Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indian Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art (2016). His next major book Realisms Interlinked: Objects, Subjects and Other Subjects is forthcoming from Bloomsbury in early 2019.