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Graduate Certificate Program in Art & Philosophy

The Advanced Graduate Certificate in Art and Philosophy is an interdisciplinary program of instruction designed for students who are already enrolled in another degree granting graduate program and who wish to develop expertise in aesthetics, philosophy of art, and philosophy of literature.  While the program draws primarily on doctoral courses in philosophy and the masters program in philosophy and the arts, students are encouraged to assemble a broad program of courses across the humanities, arts, and relevant social sciences.

To earn the Advanced Graduate Certificate in Art and Philosophy, Stony Brook graduate students must complete 15 graduate credits approved for the Certificate Program. The Graduate Program Director in Philosophy publishes a list of approved courses each semester. Students may petition the GPD for approval of other electives not included in that list. Petitions should be submitted before registering for the elective.  For graduate students in Art and in Philosophy nine of the 15 credits must be earned outside the home program.

Please email  the completed worksheet, as a PDF, to the Graduate Program Coordinator, Lisa-Beth Platania, at