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2021 Virtual Degree Conferral Celebration

Message from the Chair

Hello graduates! 

You are graduating at the end of THE most unusual year in the over sixty years of its existence.  This is not the graduation you expected.

Most of the philosophers you have studied worked so intently because they thought a new world was coming.  You don’t have a choice; it’s already here. But whatever you go on to do, your skills in philosophy will help.  What sense will you make of this new world?  What ideas will you have?  What will inspire you?

We faculty in the department are proud of you.  We know that you are imaginative and creative.  We are sure that you will be able to make more sense than we can of this new world. 

Robert P. Crease
Chair of the Department of Philosophy

Congratulations Philosophy Grads - Tammy Scandalis '91,  Audible, Inc


Summa Cum Laude

Taylor Esposito

Magna Cum Laude

Kenneth Ferraro
Raymond Janis
Isabella Martino


Jenishma Dhodary
Galo Genesis
Olivia Kato
Chen Di Xu   

Graduating with Honors in Philosophy

Justin Bolusi, Title: “On Consciousness and its Replicability”

Joanna Nowak, Title: "Reasons to be Happy"

President's Award for Excellence in Teaching by a Graduate Student

Delicia Kamins

Meet the Class of 2021

Commencement Video

Frequently Asked Questions

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