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Dr. Benjamin Bein

Benjamin Bein Data Scientist

"Stick with the program and take your time to really do every exercise in it!"

What is your current job or career? How satisfied are you with said position?

I am currently a Data Scientist and I am very satisfied with my career path and current position.

What was your involvement in PCLP?

I participated in the PhD Career Ladder Program during my last year at Stony Brook (Fall 2015 and Spring 2016).

Did you obtain a job within the career field you focused on during your tenure in PCLP? If not, what important lessons did you learn from your PCLP directed career exploration?

During my time with the PCLP, I focused on two careers. One was the career of a Consultant; the second was the career of a Data Scientist. The career of a Data Scientist was more fitting to my current lifestyle  which is why I have chosen it. I am still thinking about becoming a Data Science consultant after I receive a green card.

Have you used any of the skills or knowledge you gained through PCLP in your job search or in your job? Reflecting on the program, what part of PCLP proved to be the most useful?

Yes! The most important skill was building my network and learning how to write a good resume. The PCLP was also extremely helpful to learn about the career path I wanted to take.

How did having a cohort of students with similar motivations about career development assist your efforts?

It helped me share my learning and thereby deepening them as well as learn from the other students. The regular meetings also did help to keep me on track during my job search, instead of getting distracted by other things.

How else has being involved with PCLP affected your career or career interests?

I have made some friends during the program and we attended consulting competitions together, which was a lot of fun.

What advice would you give to current or future PCLP members?

Stick with the program and take your time to really do every exercise in it! Many parts are building up on one another. Knowing what you want to do is the most important thing to achieving anything. That is the same for your career. Waging your own priorities and the opportunities of different careers is the first and most important step in the process.