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PCLP Project Leadership


Executive Team

  • Kathleen Flint Ehm, Ph.D.
      Kathleen Flint Ehm
    Assistant Dean for Graduate & Postdoctoral Initiatives, Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Paola Cepeda, Ph.D.
      Paola Cepeda
    Program Manager for Graduate & Postdoctoral Professional Development, PhD Career Ladder Program Coordinator


Extended Team

PCLP Team Photo 1 (L to R) Alfreda James, Nancy Goroff, Kathleen Flint Ehm, Jennifer DeLeon, Catherine Scott
PCLP Team Photo 2 (L to R) Kathleen Ehm, Lyl Tomlinson, Catherine Scott, Bonita London, Alfreda James, Jennifer DeLeon

Nancy Goroff (PI) – Chemistry

Katy Flint Ehm – Graduate School

Jennifer L. DeLeon –  Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (MCB PhD '17)

Bonita London – Psychology

Catherine Scott – Center for Excellence in Learning and Technology

Alfreda James – Career Center

Lyl Tomlinson – National Institutes of Health (Neuroscience PhD '17)

Paola Cepeda – Graduate School (Linguistics PhD '18)