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Jinelle Wint

Jinelle WintPh.D. candidate
Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Jinelle Wint grew up near Ft. Lauderdale, FL. She attended University of Miami and received her Bachelor of Science in Biology and General Studio Art. She currently works in Dr. Howard Sirotkin’s lab and her research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease using the model organism called zebrafish. Jinelle has been involved with the PhD Career Ladder Program for about 4 years now, initially with her PhD Program in Molecular Cellular Biology and then through the Graduate Career Association. She is dedicated to helping students navigate the career exploration process to ensure that find a job that they desire. She is currently the President of the Graduate Career Association (GCA) and believes in the mission that GCA has put forth to help spread the word of career opportunities to the Stony Brook campus.