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Zared Shawver

Zared ShawverPh.D. candidate
Department of Psychology

Zared Shawver is a fifth-year PhD candidate in the Cognitive Science area of the Psychology Department. Zared's research interest is how readers understand and experience narratives and non-literal language. In his dissertation, Zared will test how unsolved mysteries in stories affect readers' narrative experiences. Mysteries often appear and are not immediately solved. Zared expects that these unsolved mysteries will cause readers to experience lingering curiosity that could change how they think about story events that come after the mystery. Zared loves teaching and mentoring students. He serves as one of the Psychology Department's GSO senators and as the GSO representative on the Stony Brook Childcare Board. When Zared is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, making things out of wood, cooking, playing guitar, and getting outside when he can.