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Megan Mladinich

Megan MladinichPh.D. student
Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Megan Mladinich received a B.S. degree in biology from Long Island University-Post in 2013. She continued on to earn her M.S. in biology at Long Island University in 2015, with her thesis focused on the activity of antimicrobial surfaces on Influenza virus. Megan began her doctorate at Stony Brook University in Molecular and Cellular Biology in Fall of 2015, and she is currently a member of the Mackow Lab, where she studies viral pathogenesis. Her current project focuses on the role of Zika virus induced chemokines in Zika virus persistence and pathogenesis at the blood-brain barrier. She participated in the MCB-PCLP program in 2017 and lead the MCB-PCLP group in 2018 with her classmate Jessica Imperato. In 2019, Megan has been co-leading a PCLP group that consists of graduate students from several different disciplines.