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PCLP Groups 2017-2018

PCLP Leaders 2017

Graduate Career Association Group

For students of any discipline
Leader: Samia Mohammed, PhD Candidate, MCB


For students in disciplines associated with the  Science, Training, and Research to Inform DEcisions (STRIDE) program: Biomedical Informatics, Computer Science, SoMAS, Ecology & Evolution, AMS, Journalism, allied fields
Leaders: Joshua Comden , PhD Candidate, AMS; and Cuiyu Wang , PhD Candidate, SoMAS

Center for Inclusive Education Group

For CIE scholars in any discipline
Leader: Jinelle Wint , PhD Candidate, MCB


For students in the Humanities, Social Sciences or related disciplines
Leader: Meghan Buckley, PhD Candidate, English

Postdoc Group

For Postdoctoral scholars in any discipline
Leader: Lyl Tomlinson, PhD, Neuroscience

Molecular Cellular Biology Group

The founding PCLP group for students in MCB and allied programs
Leaders: Jessica Imperato , PhD Candidate, MCB; and Megan Mladinich , PhD Candidate, MCB


To learn more about each group and how to join,  contact us!