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This research initiative brings together scholars from East and West campus who study the  impact of illness on human society. Drawing on the strengths of narrative medicine our research group will explore  global pandemics as objects of historical and contemporary concern.

Explore our website to review our events and learn about other critical health initiatives related to COVID-19 on and off campus! 

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Managing the Modern Infodemic: How the new socia media are complicating old public health problems
Professor Nancy Tomes is delivering a lecture at Glasgow Caledonian University on October 5, 2021. Click here for information and registration. 


Upcoming Event! Conference: The Long Road to Equality for Women in Medicine, Sept. 17-18, 2021. Click here for information and registration.

Undergraduate Courses

As part of the Pandemic Narratives project, we have created an array of options for  undergraduate student engagement  through enrolling in internships and other credit-bearing courses.  We've had some great work done in the fall that we hope to continue into the spring, including blogging and podcasting.  We continue to work with WUSB and other campus groups to build on existing initiatives as well as to start some of our own.   We welcome students looking for interesting experiential learning opportunities.

To learn more about Spring 2022 enrollment, click here.