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Analytics Dashboard

Accessing Your Site Data

Did you know that you can find out how often people are viewing your site? Or a particular page on your site? How about learning which page people most often leave your site from?

Find out with the Stony Brook Analytics Dashboard for OU Campus.

The dashboard can give you data on pageviews, unique pageviews, time on a page, entrances, exits and bounces (and definitions of each).

PLEASE NOTE: The Analytics Dashboard includes all CMS sites housed in the commcms folder (you'll see /commcms/ in your site URL). Some sites in the CMS are not yet available in the dashboard but will be in the future. If you do not see your site in the dashboard, please contact the MarComm web team.

Get Your Data*

Here's how to get started:

  1. Go to   (Note: You must be on a computer with an on-campus IP address to access the dashboard)
  2. Select a date range, select your site in OU Campus from the dropdown list, and then select a subdirectory if necessary (in most cases, you won't need to). Choose the data you want to view by checking the appropriate boxes.

    How to Analytics

  3. Hit  Run Report.

The result will be an informative report that you can analyze and learn about trends on your site.