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Creating a Table

You can create tables on your pages using the  Insert/Edit Table button in the toolbar.

If you are using JustEdit, the button is located here:

tables tool

If you are using the original or old toolbar, the tables features can be found here:



The   Insert/Edit Table funtion includes the standard tools for editing tables such as the ability to insert, delete, and define rows and columns, as well as merge or split table cells.

Various table elements and attributes can be added and defined. These include the number of columns and rows, table width and height, and a table border, for example. Both a General tab and an Advanced tab are available for defining the table elements.

To insert a table, select the desired location, then click the Insert/Edit Table icon.

A simple table can be created by just specifying the number of rows and columns for the table.

See a complete overview of table options.