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Creating a Link

The Insert/Edit Link tool provides the basic functionality to add a hyperlink within the WYSIWYG Editor. Links are created by highlighting text or an image, clicking the Insert/Edit Link icon, and specifying the Link URL.

link toolThe Insert/Edit Link icon -- which looks like a chain link -- is dimmed until the text or image to be hyperlinked is selected.

A hyperlink can point to an internal web page, an external web page, a file on your site like a PDF file or other document, or a file hosted by an external site.

To create a link:

1. Highlight the text to be clickable.

2. Click the link button in the toolbar, top right.

 - If you are linking to an EXTERNAL SITE, paste the URL into the field and in the Target field, select 'open in a new window.'  You should always open a link in a new window if you are linking to an external site or a file like a PDF.  You may also indicate that the link is external by clicking on the Class dropdown and selecting 'external site'

- If you are linking to a PAGE ON YOUR OWN SITE, click the browse button next to the URL field, browse to the page or file on your site, and then leave the Target setting to open in the same browser window.

3. Click 'OK' and you have created a link!


Making a link look like a button

You can make a button link simply by using the Class dropdown. Learn more.