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Anchor Links

Anchor links allow you to create clickable text that links or jumps down to another section of that page.

anchor linkTo create an anchor:

1. Position the cursor where the anchor should be placed and click to set the cursor there.

2. Click the Insert/Edit Anchor icon in the toolbar  (It looks like an anchor).

3. In the Anchor Name field, enter the name for the anchor. It is not necessary to enter a # (hash mark).

4. Click Insert.  The anchor icon will appear where the cursor was set.


Now link to that anchor:

1. Highlight the text that you want to be clickable

2. Click on the link button in the toolbar - in the ensuing dialogue box you will see an 'Anchors' dropdown. From the anchors dropdown, select the anchor to link to (any anchors you have created on the page will appear here).

3. Click SAVE - you have now set an anchor and are linking to it.


To modify an existing anchor:

1. Click the existing anchor shown in the editing area. 

2. Click the Anchor icon on the toolbar.

3. The Insert/Edit Anchor dialog shows the existing text for the anchor.

4. Make the modification to the text and click Update.