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Logging In

netid screenYou can log into OU Campus from any page of your website. The login button or link can be found at the bottom of the web page in the footer.

Most sites using our responsive templates have their login link as the copyright symbol.

Click the symbol (©) to get to the NetID login page.

The login page is where you enter your NetID username and password. Click the Login button and you will enter OU Campus with an opportunity to edit the page from which you logged in, or you may navigate to another page or section of your site.

Note: There are a very small number of sites built prior to Summer 2014 that have not been updated to the latest responsive templates. They have an invisible login button located below the middle of the footer, again on every page of the site. Mouse over that location and you will notice the cursor change to a hand. When this happens, click to get to the login page.

Log Out

logout To log out of a page, click your name at the top right of the screen and select 'Logout.'

The dropdown also includes a link to 'Settings' where you may make changes to your user settings, including your email address.