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What are Snippets?

A snippet is a pre-defined container for content that allow syou to quickly add features to your site. For example, you may want to embed a YouTube video, add accordion dropown menus, create a visually interesting layout, or include a social media feed. With snippets, you can do that, and more!

When you are working in the editor, the snippets look like tables, and you enter content in the various table cells.  When you save the page, you will see the rendered snippet in the page preview.

If you are using Just Edit, the snippet button looks like a puzzle piece:


In the old editor, the snippet button looks like this:



Click the button and you'll be able to choose from various snippet categories. 

Snippet Library

Our snippet library, along with step-by-step guides to using each snippet, will assist you in adding these features to your site.

View the Snippet Library