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Inserting Video

You can easily embed video from sources like YouTube or Vimeo onto your pages.

Use Snippets

There is a snippet category called 'Video' that includes snippets for embedding Vimeo or YouTube videos.  

Learn more about the Video snippet

You can also insert a button that opens a video in a pop-up box or overlay. Learn more abut the Video Pop-Up button

Other Embeds

embed videoThe 'Insert/Edit Video' button in the toolbar looks like a film strip, located just to the right of the insert Image button.

You can use this button to embed other media.

Click on this and paste in the URL of a file. In the ensuing window, in the General tab > Type field, select Iframe.

Paste the file's URL into the File/URL box.  The dimensions of the video box should populate.

When complete, click Insert. You will notice in the editor that the video is represented by a yellow box.  This is simply a placeholder. When you preview the page prior to publishing, you will see the embedded video.