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Using the Image Editor

The OU Campus CMS has a built-in Image Editor that allows images to be resized, cropped, rotated, and resized, so you do not need to use an outside editor like Photoshop. Images can be uploaded and edited all in one operation.

The ability to edit an image helps ensure large images are properly resized before being transferred to the web server. Additionally, images can be saved and renamed.

image editor

Any user who can upload files can use the Image Editor to upload images and edit existing images, but cannot overwrite any existing image with the same file name. Only users with overwrite permissions are able to replace existing images.

The image editor will also automatically optimize and compress images for use on the web when the images is uploaded to the site.

The Image Editor can be accessed using the following methods:

  • Within the Pages list view by clicking a linked image already in the Images folder
  • Within the Pages list view by clicking Upload and using the Upload and Edit option when uploading a new image from your computer
  • While inserting images on a web page using the WYSIWYG Editor > Insert/Edit Image dialog
  • When editing or creating a new Web Content Asset, the mini-WYSIWYG Editor > Insert/Edit Image dialog.

Learn more about the image editor HERE.