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Recycle Bin

Recycling a file removes it both from OU Campus and from your live website, and sends it to the recycle bin, from where it can be restored or permanently deleted. If content is restored from the recycle bin, it must be republished to make the content available on the production server and the web site again.

1. From the Content > Pages view, hover over the menu bar for a file and from the File menu choose Move to Recycle Bin.

Alternatively, one or more files can be selected by clicking the adjacent checkbox, and Move to Recycle Bin is made available.

2. The resulting dialog warns that the selected file and any derivatives on production will be deleted. Also, if the content to be deleted is linked to from another page, then a warning is provided about the broken link and the page it will be on is noted.

3. Click Move to Recycle Bin. The files are moved.

NOTE: A file can also be solely deleted from the production server by navigating to the Production tab and deleting it. The recycle bin functionality does not extend to the production servers. Once a file is deleted from the production server or publish target, it cannot be restored. It can be re-published from the staging server with any routine form of publishing, such as publish, site publish, directory publish, or scheduled publish.