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Compare and Revert

Users can compare the current version of a page with previous versions of that page, and may also revert to a previously pubished version of that page. You can do this by using the Compare and Revert functions.

Watch this video to learn more about the OU Campus version system:


The Compare feature includes the ability to compare different versions of a page. The compare feature is found in the Versions section of a page. Compare allows a user or reviewer (e.g., an approver) to easily identify changes that have been made to a given page by comparing the newly proposed page with either the page currently on the production server (the last published version of the page), to any prior published versions, or to any version explicitly saved by the Save Version function.

The Compare feature is located on the Versions screen, which shows a list of versions of a page. Versions can be accessed in either of two ways:

1. From the Pages list view, check out the page. Hover over  Review in the page row and choose  Versions

2. Enter the  Preview or  Edit mode of a checked out page. Click the  Versions button in the  Page Actions toolbar. 

Either method directs the user to the Versions screen where a comparison can be made. The Versions screen includes the following features and functionality:

  • Lists the number of versions of a page or file
  • Filter
  • Compare Current to Live
  • Compare Current to a publish target
  • Sort
  • View the rendered page or source of a page of any version
  • Compare the currently saved version to any previous version of a page with or without includes, or in source view



The Versions screen includes the ability to revert to a previous version of a page. Revert enables any previously published version of a page or include file to be restored. Revert is available on the Versions screen, which shows a list of versions of a page. The Versions screen can be accessed from the folder structure or from the Preview or Edit screen of a checked out page. Reverting a page makes the chosen revision the version that is available for editing on the staging server. It must be published to become the production version.

1. Navigate to the Versions menu for a page by one of the following:

  • Navigate to the Pages List and check out the desired file. Hover over the  Review menu for the file, and select  Versions. 
  • Or, click the checked out page and use the page actions toolbar to select the  Versions button.

2. From the Versions screen, hover over the menu bar for the desired version and click Revert.

If desired, a user may also hover over the file and click View to preview that version of the page in preview or source mode. A user may also preview the page once already in the revert confirmation dialog.

3. The confirmation dialog is shown. A user may preview the selected version by clicking the linked revision number in the dialog, or a user may revert immediately without preview.

4. Click  Revert. The success message shows to which version the page was reverted.

5. Check out to edit or publish the page as necessary.

Note: The page must be published to the production web server to make it live on the World Wide Web. Should the user or individual page require approval, it will be passed along the intended approval path before it can be published.