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Page Properties

Page Properties include several items related to a page:

IMPORTANT: You must have a page checked out in order to edit the Page Properties. Navigate to the  Pages list view and check out the page.

Then, click the Horizontal Dots ,hover over Edit in the page row, and choose Properties

page properties list view

or, click on the filename of the page and then click the  Properties button on the Page Actions toolbar

page properties toolbar

Learn how to modify page properties in this video:



Allows users to edit the page title, add page-specific metadata like keywords and description, and configure the side navigation, as well as other page settings.  NOTE: If you make changes to the page title or side navigation settings, you must republish all of the pages in that page's content section in order for those changes to reflect across all pages in that section.

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RSS Items

If an RSS feed is assigned to the page or at the directory level, then an RSS item can be associated with the page.

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Users with access levels 8, 9, and 10 have the ability to configure access settings for a page. Level 8 can only assign access settings for content to which they have access.

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Both a scheduled reminder and a stale reminder can set for a page.

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Provides a list view of all actions previously performed on the page.