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Inside Page Configuration

An inside page is any page that exists on the site that is not a Home Page. You can manage page configuration in Page Properties by checking out the page and clicking the Properties button.


  • At the page level, you can override the default site metadata (defined in the site’s config.pcf file).
  • Changing the values at the page level will apply only to the page you are editing.

title and metadata options

Social Sharing

If you want to set an image to use when sharing this page on social media, select or upload it here. This will override any image previously set for the site in the site's config file. Learn more about the social sharing settings in the site configuration.


These settings allow you to customize the sidenav configuration for this page.

See section on Sidenav Configuration .


Breadcrumbs are  highly recommended for inside pages. They bring increased clarity in navigation for the user. In special cases, however, b readcrumbs can be turned off for a single page if the page does not require it. 

breadcrumb options

For more information, see section on Breadcrumb Configuration .