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Site Configuration

The main elements for the website are controlled in a configuration file located in the _includes folder:
→ / your-site /_includes/ config.pcf

The config file is typically set up for you by the Marcomm team when we initially set up your site. To edit the config file, check it out and click the Properties tab.

NOTE: In order for any changes to the config file to take effect, you must republish all pages of your site. For help with republishing your site, please contact the Marcomm team.

Some key elements of the site config file that you may need to edit are:


Enter sitewide keywords and description here. Learn more.

Social Sharing

This is the image that will represent your site on social media like Facebook or Twitter.

social sharing

Select or upload a square image, preferably 1200 x 1200 pixels. Note that you can have page-specific social media images by editing the page properties of that page.

Social Sidebar

This is where you enter your social media URLs. Learn more.