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Breadcrumb Configuration

Site breadcrumbs will be created automatically on an inside page. For example:


This goes hand-in-hand with the site folder structure and side navigation:

breadcrumb sample

Breadcrumb Notes

If the index Page Title is the same as the Site Title (defined in config.pcf), the breadcrumb label will show as "Home". For example:
breadcrumb home

Breadcrumb Display

Breadcrumbs are  recommended  for most pages, as they optimize user experience and navigation flow.

The breadcrumb navigation may be turned off in certain approved cases.  This is not recommended and is only used in certain approved cases, such as:

  • A page where you are embedding a Google form.
  • A stand-alone page where you do not want to retain context with the rest of the site.
  • A page that you are linking to from an email  where you do not want to retain context with the rest of the site.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding an approved use of disabling breadcrumbs.

Turn off BREADCRUMBS FOR entire site

Breadcrumb display for the entire site is controlled in the site configuration file: 

/ your-site /_includes / config.pcf

breadcrumbs enable section

Once saved, the entire site will need to be republished.

Turn off BREADCRUMBS FOR a single page

Breadcrumb display for a single page is controlled in Page Properties of that page.

Once saved, the page will need to be republished.