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Travel Advances

Travel advances are available to project directors and project staff, with PD approval, for allowable trips associated with research grant activity. Travel advances are limited to 80% of the maximum per diem allowance for meals and lodging and 100% of transportation costs payable to common carriers. Only one travel advance will be issued at a time with the exception of continuous travel status or unusual circumstances. Travel dates must be within the approved period of the award. Upon return, advances must be accounted for promptly (no longer than 2 weeks) with original receipts.

Below please find a url link to a newly created "Travel" form that may be used to reimburse travel expenses to Employees, Non-employees and Students. This form is located on the Procurement website under forms -> travel, and may be used to  reimburse  travel expense reimbursements  only.  It is not  used to pay fees to independent contractors. Fees for service are paid using the Independent Contractor form and is approved by HR prior to OGM approval.

Travel Voucher for State/ RF/ SBF Employees