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Winter Orientation Experience (Orientation Part I)

Transfer student registering for classes


Things to Do to Prepare for your Orientation Experience 
The  Things to Do to Prepare for your Orientation checklist  contains critical information on what students must complete prior to beginning their Orientation Experience. Students who do not complete these items may be unable to progress through their Orientation Experience, including but not limited to delaying course registration. 

Seawolf Foundations, Online Orientation 
Seawolf Foundations, Online Orientation (Part 1) focuses on getting to know Stony Brook, including modules on academic readiness, financial responsibility, and campus life. Seawolf Foundations Online Orientation will be available after December 1st  , and is due before your first Seawolf Connections   .

Seawolves Connections, Virtual Group Activities
Seawolf Connections, Virtual Group Activities connect new students with other new peers and current undergraduate students.  Students have 2 meetings: a small group meeting and an individual meeting with an Orientation Leader (OL).    Students will have an opportunity to ask important questions and learn more about their transition into Stony Brook University. Seawolf Connections will take place during late January.  All new transfer students will be assigned a date for their small group meeting and will be notified of their date and time via email. In collaboration witht heir OL, students will schedule their individual meeting at a later time. 

Advising and Registration

Your designated advising office will be reaching out to you via email (Stony Brook Email) regarding your advising and registration process.   Please be sure that your preferred email address are up to date in the SOLAR system so that they are able to reach you, and that you check your Stony Brook Email daily. Please note that advising and registration cannot be completed until you've completed placement exams and cleared all holds on your account (except the Advising Hold). To ensure a smooth registration process, please be sure to complete all steps on t he  Things to Do to Prepare for your Orientation Experience checklist, which    contains critical information on what many students must complete. 


What's covered in the Orientation Experience?

During your orientation experience, you will:

  • meet other transfer students
  • hear advice about how you can be successful in your transition to Stony Brook from your previous college
  • meet with an orientation advisor to review your prior coursework and choose and register for courses for the spring
  • learn more about "Commuting to Stony Brook" or "Living On Campus"
  • learn about technology at Stony Brook, how to access your Stony Brook email account, and how to navigate the SOLAR system


Please note that the orientation experience is only for new students. Family Members and supporters are encouraged to participate in their own virtual orientation program. For more information on Family & Guest Orientation, please visit the   Family & Guest page.

In addition to Seawolf Foundations (Pt 1), Seawolf Connections and participation in the advising and registration process, you are also required to participate in   Experience Stony Brook (Opening Activities) and to complete Seawolf Foundations (Pt 2). Expect more information in mid-January! Experience Stony Brook takes place during the days (weekend included) before the beginning of the semester. Students who do not attend Experience Stony Brook will automatically be enrolled in the   ROME   (Required Orientation Makeup Experience) course.

Students who have questions about orientation or require an accommodation should contact the office of Student Orientation and Family Programs at (631) 632-6710.