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Welcome Transfer Students!

Welcome to orientation

Welcome to Stony Brook University! All new transfer students at Stony Brook University will participate in a multi-part orientation. Orientation is required for all new transfer students and consists of Seawolf Foundations online orientation modules, participation in the advising and registration process, virtual group workshops including Seawolf Connections and commuter/resident panel,  and New Seawolf Welcome Week.

Seawolf Foundations Online Orientation (Part 1) focus on getting to know Stony Brook, including modules on academic readiness, financial responsibility and campus life. Seawolf Foundations Online Orientation (Part 1) will be available after May 1st, and should be complete by June 1st (for fall admitted students).

Seawolf Connections are designed to connect you with your Peer Assistant Leader and your new peers throughout the summer. You'll have an opportunity to ask important questions and learn more about your transition into Stony Brook University. 

New Seawolf Welcome Week  focuses on getting acclimated to the University climate, culture, and community. In preparation for the first day of classes, you will also complete Seawolf Foundations Online Orientation (Part 2). Expect more information by August 1st! New Seawolf Welcome Week takes place during the week before the the first day of classes. Students who do not attend New Seawolf Welcome Week will automatically be enrolled in the  ROME (Required Orientation Makeup Experience)  course by the end of September. 

To keep you on track, we’ve developed a New Seawolf Orientation Checklist, below. This checklist is also available as a Google Sheet, which you can copy and customize, or as a PDF for quick reference. Many items on the checklist must be completed by June 1st or 2 weeks after you submit your tuition deposit, so be sure to review the checklist now!

  New Seawolf Orientation Checklist:

Accept your Admission to Stony Brook University
Confirm your preferred communication methods.
Set up your NetID.
Complete Required Health Forms.
Resolve new student holds on SOLAR.
Complete Advising Planning Form on SOLAR.
Take required placement exams (if applicable).
Transfer your credits.
Gather syllabi and course descriptions for evaluation during advising and registration appointment.
Submit relevant AP and Regents exam scores.
Submit an official copy of your final high school transcript with proof of graduation to Stony Brook.
Review and print general education and major requirements.
Upload a photo for your Student ID Card
Encourage your family members to participate in our Family & Guest program