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Math Assessment

Every student must demonstrate a certain level of mathematics proficiency to graduate from Stony Brook.  Stony Brook has developed a Math Placement Assessment to help determine the appropriate initial math course for students.  Students are required to take a math assessment unless they meet one of the exceptions listed below.  Students will be emailed further instructions about how to complete the exam. Incoming students should complete the exam as soon as possible as course registration cannot be completed without a completed exam.

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Exceptions to the Proctored Math Placement Assessment

AP Scores: Students who have received AP scores in Calculus with a score of 4 or higher are not required to take the math assessment. Official scores must be received by the University. If AP scores have not been received, students will not be registered for math or science courses.

Transfer Credits: Students who have transfer  college credit in Pre-Calculus or Calculus from a regionally accredited institution with a grade of C or higher are not required to take the math assessment. Transcripts must be received by the University, if transcripts have not been received, students will not be able to register for math or science courses.  

Proficiency Algebra, Business Calculus, Calculus for Life Sciences, and Statistics classes  do not fulfill the calculus requirement for engineering, business, math, pre-med, nursing, or science-related majors. Students intending to pursue these majors who have only taken these classes previously should complete the math assessment.


Preparing for the Math Placement Assessment

The assessment covers topics including algebra, pre-calculus, and single-variable calculus. The assessment is organized sequentially, meaning each section builds upon skills exhibited in previous sections. Students must pass one section to advance to the next. Since students have a wide range of preparation, later sections of the assessment might cover material they may not know. Students are not expected to complete parts on subjects they have not learned. The point of the assessment is to determine what material you know, so we can help students enroll in the appropriate class. Scores will be received by academic advisors who will use it to make recommendations for course registration.


Math Placement Scores

Math Placement Score

Corresponding Math Course at Stony Brook


MAP 101


MAP 103


MAT 118 or AMS 102 or MAP 119/123 together


MAT 118 or MAT 122 or MAT 123 or Statistics


MAT 125/130 together


MAT 125


MAT 131 or AMS 151


MAT 126


MAT 132 or AMS 161


MAT 127 or 132 or AMS 161


Beyond 100-level calculus

The assessment is for placement purposes only and does not satisfy degree requirements.  For more information about degree requirements, please see the Undergraduate Bulletin at