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Online Chemistry Placement & Preparation Process

The Online Chemistry Placement & Preparation (OCPP) process is intended to identify the appropriate general chemistry course for incoming Stony Brook University students, and to help prepare them for the first weeks of their chemistry course.

Who needs to take general chemistry?
 Students interested in fields related to science, engineering, and pre-health typically will need to take general chemistry during their first semester at Stony Brook.

Who needs to complete the OCPP and when?: All incoming students who want to enroll in a general chemistry course (CHE 129, CHE 131, or CHE 152) need to complete the OCPP initial assessment and the appropriate objective(s). The initial assessment and the appropriate objective(s) take an average of 10 hours to complete.

New Students

Please visit the OCPP website for the most up to date information about when your initial assessment is due, if your field of study requires you to take general chemistry (see above).

In order to take the initial assessment and complete the appropriate objective(s), you will need to follow the OCPP process explained on the OCPP website.

Please note: Students who have a strong background in Chemistry and have taken the Chemistry AP exam earning score a 4 or a 5 need to complete the first and second objectives of the OCPP process.

Exemption: If you have already completed at least one semester of general chemistry (that is equivalent to CHE 129 or 131) with a C or better at your previous school, you will not have to take the OCPP initial assessment. Please click here to determine if previous coursework meets this requirement.

If your course is equivalent to CHE 129 or CHE 131 AND you received a C or better in the course, you DO NOT need to complete the OCPP. You will be advised at orientation about the appropriate chemistry course to take in your first semester (if necessary).

If your course is listed as equivalent to CHE 100 or is not listed at all, you DO NEED to participate in the OCPP.

If your prior chemistry course is listed as CHE 1XX, please contact Academic Advising at or 631-632-7082 for additional evaluation.