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Welcome to Stony Brook University! 

International Student Orientation at a glance

At International Student Orientation you will be welcomed to the University and hear about life on campus. Here are a list of things you will do during international student orientation.

  • Learn about important academic information 
  • Take your picture for your student id card
  • Choose or finalize your course schedule for your first semester.
  • Take part in workshops to learn more about the US Education system, living and adjusting to Stony Brook
  • Attend social activities with International Student Ambassadors

We also have a family and guest program during international orientation.  Encourage your family members to register for Family & Guest program on  Tuesday, January 21, 2020. For more information, please visit the  Family & Guest  page. 

We will also have representatives from the math, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and biology departments on-site to do course evaluations.  To prepare for your orientation, please read the detailed information below. 

All new international students will participate in a two-part orientation.  Both Orientation part I and Orientation part II are required for all students.