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Where To Eat

Campus Dining

Stony Brook’s goal for their students is to provide them with delicious and healthy meals. The university has partnered with CulinArt to give students these meals.  CulinArt is determined to serve the university’s population through their meals by cooking and serving international dishes. 

For more information click here. Learn more about Meal Plans here.

Off Campus Vendors

Students may wish to purchase food from off campus merchants. Some off campus merchants accept Wolfie Wallet.  

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On Campus Food Pantry

Stony Brook University’s food pantry is a helpful resource to ensure that students of SBU and individuals of the community who are at risk of food insecurity are able to receive what they need, and be able to function properly.  The SBU Food Pantry provides a variety of the most necessary food items to the food insecure populations such as pasta, sauce, rice, canned beans, canned chicken breast, etc. 

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Wolfie Wallet

Wolfie Wallet is a campus prepaid debit account that is linked to your Stony Brook campus ID.  The Wolfie Wallet is a quick and easy source of payment when purchasing meals on or off campus, when purchasing items from campus stores and vending machines, using print & copy services, and also mailing packages in the mailroom.

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