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Involvement Opportunities 

There are several ways for international students to get involved at Stony Brook University. We highly encourage you to get involved and branch out so you will have a holistic U.S. education experience from academic success to student life and professional development. 

The office of Student Engagement and Activities has campus-wide events, student clubs and organizations, and fraternal organizations. For more information visit the    SB Engaged and download the    Corq app on your phone.

A few opportunities are available directly from the Office of New Student Programs and Global Affairs (many of these are specifically geared towards international students).

Leadership Opportunity Examples

Many offices across campus offer various leadership opportunities- be sure to check out their website for more information. There are opportunities to become a Teaching Assistant (TA),  Resident Assistant (RA),   PASC (Peer Academic Success Coach),   Tutor and more. 

Student Clubs & Organization Examples

For more information visit the   SB Engaged  and download the   Corq  app on your phone.

Additional Resources