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Advising and Career Related 

UGCs -- Undergraduate Colleges

Each first year student is placed into one of three undergraduate colleges, which are academic communities within the larger university.  Your Undergraduate College will connect you with other students with similar academic interests.  You will be assigned an Undergraduate College Advisor(s) and will interact with senior faculty at Undergraduate College events and activities. Visit the Undergraduate Colleges website for more information and services. 

ATAS -- Academic and Transfer Advising Services

If you are entering the University as a transfer student, the ATAS office will be your main advising office (unless you are an engineering student.) ATAS office advises sophomores, juniors, seniors, and second bachelor degree students in the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business, School of Communication and Journalism and School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. In addition, the office evaluates transfer credits and serves as a central communicator regarding academic deadlines, policies, and events to all undergraduates.  Visit the ATAS website for more information and services.

CEAS (College of Engineering and Applied Sciences) Undergraduate Student Office

The CEAS Undergraduate Student Office assists students majoring in, and those interested in pursuing CEAS programs. Visit their website for more information.


Major & Minor Advising 


The Career Center 

The Career Center at Stony Brook University exists to:

  • EDUCATE students about the career development process and industry options, empowering them to make informed career decisions.
  • PREPARE students for experiential learning (i.e. internships, co-op and community service), employment and further education.
  • CONNECT hiring organizations with our diverse student talent.

As an international student, you can connect with them or visit their diversity connect website.