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Involvement Opportunities 

There are several ways for international students to get involved at Stony Brook University. 

We highly encourage you to get involved and branch out so you will have a wholistic U.S. education experience from academic success to student life and professional development. 

Through out your time at Stony Brook University as an SBU student, you will also have access to other opportunities on campus and off campus through different campus offices. Make sure to check out their website for more information. There are opportunities to become Teaching Assistant (TA), Tutor, Peer Advisor, Resident Assistant (RA) and more. 

The Career Center is a great resource for Stony Brook students for both on and off campus employment opportunities and internships.

The Division of Student Life  have other opportunities for you to get involved at Stony Brook University. 

The Academic Success and Tutoring Center   hires   PASCs (Peer Academic Success Coaches)   and   Tutors.