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International Student Health Forms 

All students attending courses on Stony Brook campus must submit a completed Immunization / Meningitis Form, demonstrating compliance with New York State Health Laws. It is   REQUIRED that this form be submitted to Student Health and submitted at least three weeks before attending orientation and enrolling for classes to avoid any problems with registering for classes at orientation.   Copies of the immunization form or immunization history may be digitally uploaded to the Student Health Patient Portal   You can also make photocopies of these forms and bring them with you to orientation as well.

Please note that students must be in compliance with MMR immunization requirements and meningitis response form completion before residence hall move-in or day 1 of classes (whichever is earlier). To ensure compliance in a timely manner and avoid issues with course de-registration, students should submit the required forms 3 weeks prior to orientation.

Three (3) Required Forms: All forms should be received ideally three weeks before your orientation date. Detailed information about required immunizations is available     here 

  • The   Immunization Form / Meningitis Response must be submitted at least three weeks prior to your Orientation/Enrollment date.  Please note that a doctor's appointment is not required. In many cases, you can obtain a signed copy of your immunization history from your high school or previous college to submit to Stony Brook. 
  • The   Meningitis Form must be submitted at least three weeks prior to your Orientation/Enrollment date. If you are 18 years of age or older, this requirement can be met by logging on to your SOLAR account and submitting your response electronically under "Holds."
  • The   Health Form should be submitted shortly after you receive notification of your acceptance to Stony Brook University. This form should ideally be received no later than 3 weeks before you arrive to campus for orientation.

Submitting Forms: 

Watch a video about how to upload your forms

  • Via the Patient Portal: You MUST   set up your NetID prior to use of the portal. The Patient Portal can be accessed at After signing in, go to the Immunization tab. You will see instructions on how to enter the dates of your immunizations.  When you are finished entering the dates you must go to “Upload” area and follow the instructions on how to upload your documents so that the dates can be verified.
  • If you are unable to submit forms through the patient portal you can mail the forms to: Stony Brook University, Student Health Service, 1 Stadium Road, Stony Brook NY 11794 -3191. 

Make photocopies of these forms and bring them with you to orientation as well.

Student Health Services will place blocks on your course registration if these requirements have not been met.  This means that you will not be able to register for classes.

We recommend that you have a physician in your home country complete your health form.   It is possible to have a physical exam and receive inoculations after coming to Stony Brook, but this type of care is very expensive and is not covered by your SUNY international student insurance plan.  For more information, contact the Student Health Center (631) 632-6740.  Information is also available on their website: