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Wolfie's Wrap Up

At the end of first-year student orientation, all new students are asked to write down why they're excited to return to Stony Brook in August for their first year in college. We took pictures of this activity to provide you with a memory of your orientation date. Please click on the link next to the date a new student attended orientation.

Please continue to check our website for Summer 2018 Wolfie's Wrap Up Pictures

2018 Wolfie's Wrap Up Pictures

July 5 Honors and WISE
July 10 Scholars and Athletes 
July 12 Scholars Pt. II
July 13 Leadership and Service
July 17 Information and Technology Studies 
July 19 Human Development   
July 20 Arts, Culture, & Humanities
July 24 Science & Society
July 26 Global Studies
July 27 Arts, Culture, & Humanities and Human Development
July 31 Science & Society and Information Technology Studies
August 2 Global Studies and Leadership & Service
August 14 All Undergraduate College Day 

  *Check back at the end of this week for the remaining photo dates.

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