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Welcome Freshmen Students!

Check in at orientation

Welcome to Stony Brook University! All new freshmen students at Stony Brook University will participate in a two-part orientation experience. Both Orientation and Opening of School are required for all new freshmen students.

  • Orientation Part I is a full-day session that focuses on getting to know your Undergraduate College and registering for classes.  Orientation takes place in July and August (fall admitted students) and in January (spring admitted students)
  • Orientation Part II, also known as Experience Stony Brook, focuses on getting acclimated to the University climate, culture, and community. Experience Stony Brook takes place during the weekend before the beginning of the semester. Students who do not attend Experience Stony Brook will automatically be enrolled in the ROME (Required Orientation Makeup Experience) course.


To Receive an Orientation Date: In order to receive an orientation date, you should log on to the SOLAR system. Here you can accept your admission by:

  • Paying your tuition deposit online
  • Paying your housing deposit (if applicable) 
  • Paying your orientation fee
  • Completing the New Student Preferences form

After you have completed these steps, you will be assigned an Undergraduate College and an orientation date based on the order in which your tuition deposit was received. Orientation dates will be assigned on a rolling basis beginning in early November. You will receive an email and postcard with your orientation date once you have been assigned an orientation. 

Things to Do Before Orientation

Complete Required Health Forms.

All students attending courses on Stony Brook campus must submit a completed Immunization / Meningitis Form, demonstrating compliance with New York State Health Laws. It is REQUIRED that this form be submitted to Student Health and submitted at least three weeks before attending orientation and enrolling for classes to avoid any problems with registering for classes at orientation. Copies of the immunization form or immunization history may be digitally uploaded to the Student Health Patient Portal https://stonybrook.medicatconnect.comYou can also make photocopies of these forms and bring them with you to orientation as well.

Three (3) Required Forms: All forms should be received ideally three weeks before your orientation date. Detailed information about required immunizations is available here

  • The Immunization Form / Meningitis Response must be submitted at least three weeks prior to your Orientation/Enrollment date.Please note that a doctor's appointment is not required. In many cases, you can obtain a signed copy of your immunization history from your high school or previous college to submit to Stony Brook. 
  • The Meningitis Form must be submitted at least three weeks prior to your Orientation/Enrollment date. If you are 18 years of age or older, this requirement can be met by logging on to your SOLAR account and submitting your response electronically under "Holds."
  • The Health Form should be submitted shortly after you receive notification of your acceptance to Stony Brook University. This form should ideally be received no later than 3 weeks before you arrive to campus for orientation.

Submitting Forms: 

  • Via the Patient Portal: You MUST set up your NetID prior to use of the portal. The Patient Portal can be accessed at After signing in, go to the Immunization tab. You will see instructions on how to enter the dates of your immunizations.  When you are finished entering the dates you must go to “Upload” area and follow the instructions on how to upload your documents so that the dates can be verified.
  • If you are unable to submit forms through the patient portal you can mail the forms to: Stony Brook University, Student Health Service, 1 Stadium Road, Stony Brook NY 11794 -3191.
Complete Advising Planning Form.
The Advising Planning Form is located in the "New Student" folder on your SOLAR account. You will be asked a series of questions that will provide us with important information for your orientation day. This includes more details about your academic background and plans, placement exam information, dietary needs and accommodations for your orientation day, and information about our Family & Guest Program. This information will also be used by your Undergraduate College advisor to help you construct an appropriate first semester schedule. The Advising Planning Form should be completed no later than January 8. 
Take Required Placement Exams.
  • Math Placement: Most students will need to take the math placement exam and should do so before their orientation day in order to be able to register for math and science courses at orientation.
  • Foreign Language Placement: Most students will need to take the Foreign Language Placement exam, and it is strongly encouraged that you do so while you are on campus to take your math placement exam. It is recommended that you take it at least one week before your orientation day in order to ensure your score will be available for you to register for necessary foreign language courses while at orientation. For more information on who needs to take the exam and how to sign up for a time, visit the Foreign Language Placement page
  • Chemistry Placement: All incoming students who want to register to take general chemistry (CHE 129, 131, or 152) during their first semester at Stony Brook must participate in the Online Chemistry Placement & Preparation (OCPP) process. Students interested in fields related to science, engineering, and pre-health typically will need to take general chemistry. The initial assessment and appropriate objectives of the OCPP should be completed at least five (5) business days prior to attending orientation. 
  • Writing PlacementStudents who have not been directly placed into WRT 102 through SAT scores, ACT scores, AP exams, or transfer credit will need to complete the Online Writing Placement Diagnostic. To determine whether or not you need to complete the Online Writing Placement Diagnostic and review deadline information, visit the Writing Placement page.
Set up your NetID.

Your Stony Brook NetID is used to access campus technology resources such as email, WiFi, on-campus computer labs, printing, and Blackboard. It is important that you set up your NetID before coming to campus to take placement exams as you will need it to log in to the placement exam computers.

To set up your NetID, log in to SOLAR, under “Security and Maintenance” then click “Security and Personal Data” then “NetID maintenance”. You will see your NetID listed. To set your NetID password, create your security question, then set up your NetID password. It will take 15 minutes for this to take effect. Be sure to take note of your NetID and password for future use.

Submit all of your AP and Transfer College credit.
  • If you earned at least a 3 on any AP exam and you have not already sent your score report to Stony Brook, visit College Board at and request that an official score report be sent to the university. Information about AP scores and equivalent Stony Brook coursework can be found here.
  • If you have earned college credit at another institution before coming to Stony Brook, please contact each school's Registrar's Office and request that an official transcript be sent to the address below. Please bring hard copies of scores/transcripts to Orientation for reference, but this does NOT replace a formal submission to the Transfer Office.

                         Academic and Transfer Advising Services
                         E-2360 Melville Library
                         Stony Brook University
                         Stony Brook, NY 11794-3353

If you have specific transfer credit questions, please call Academic & Transfer Advising Services  at (631) 632-7082, option 2. More information about transferring credits to Stony Brook can also be found at Transferring Credits to Stony Brook. Specific information on transfer course equivalencies for select institutions is available by visiting this page and clicking on "Course Equivalency List".

Submit an official copy of your final high school transcript with proof of graduation to Stony Brook.

If you have not already done so, please send an official copy to:

Undergraduate Admissions
118 Administration Building
Stony Brook, NY 11794-1901

Resolve new student holds on SOLAR.

Resolving SOLAR "To Do" items and holds before your orientation date will help your course registration to go smoothly. *Please note that the Orientation Hold will remain on your account until you come to Orientation Part I and does not need to be resolved ahead of time.

  • Health Insurance To Do Hold: All full-time students must have health insurance coverage at all times without exception. Stony Brook offers a health insurance plan for all full-time domestic students, but you may waive this insurance plan with a comparable plan. For more information concerning the University's Student Health Insurance plan, please visit: To acknowledge this requirement and either fill out a a waiver form or accept the university's student health insurance plan, please log into SOLAR and complete the following instructions:
    1. Click on "details" under the "Holds" section in the upper left corner of your home screen.
    2. Click on the Hold Item labeled "Mandatory Health Insurance."
    3. Answer the subsequent questions as they pertain to your plan for health insurance.
    4. Click Submit and this hold will be removed.
    5. You must complete the above steps before you arrive at orientation.
  • Acknowledge the Financial Responsibility Statement: All new students must acknowledge their financial responsibility for the education they will receive at Stony Brook. For more information concerning your financial responsibility, please visit: In particular, students should note that you are financially responsible for the classes you register for even if you do not attend classes. Enrollment will not automatically be cancelled for nonattendance. If you decide not to attend, it is your responsibility to withdraw through the appropriate office and you will be held financially responsible for charges if you do not properly withdraw.
    • To resolve this hold, please log into SOLAR and complete the following instructions:
    1. Click on "details" under the "Holds" section in the upper left corner of your home screen.
    2. Click on the Hold Item labeled "Financial Responsibility Statement."
    3. Read the information on financial responsibility.
    4. Click that you acknowledge the Financial Responsibility Statement and this hold will be removed.
  • Register for SB Alert: All new students are required to register for SB Alert, the University's emergency notification system used to notify members of the campus community about major emergencies, immediate safety threats, or impending situations. To resolve his hold, log into SOLAR and complete the following steps:
    1. Click on "details" under the "Holds" section in the upper left corner of the home screen.
    2. Click on the Hold Item labeled "SB Alert"
    3. Provide your email and/or phone number to receive emergency voice, text, and email notifications.
Consider your course registration options.

Based on the information you provide in your Advising Planning form, your academic advisor will make course recommendations for you. At orientation, you will also learn from faculty and advisors what requirements need to be fulfilled in order to graduate. To aid you in being as informed as possible, we strongly recommend that you read through the following contents as they pertain to you.

Final arrival information for orientation including what to bring and where to park.

On your orientation day, you should bring

  • a government issued photo id
  • copies of health forms that you submitted before orientation
  • copies of AP scores and college transcripts (if applicable)

Orientation occurs in the Student Activities Center (SAC). Students will spend most of their day in the SAC. Students driving to orientation should be sure to park in the H Lot, also known as the Student Activities Center lot (Faculty/Staff Lot). Parking cannot be validated for the parking garage or other areas of campus. Click here for directions to orientation.

Encourage your family members to register for our Family & Guest program.
Please note that orientation is only for new students. Family members or other guests will not be allowed to participate in the orientation program with the student. We welcome and encourage family members and guests to attend a separate Family & Guest Orientation.  For more information on Family & Guest Orientation and date availability, please visit the Family & Guest page. 
Register for the optional Overnight Experience

Click here for more information about the optional Orientation Overnight Experience. Pre registration is required atleast one week before your assigned orientation date.

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