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Appendix 1: A list of HD/CA Courses 

This list of Stony Brook University courses is recommended for consideration for the Stony Brook Online Learning Development Initiative (S-BOLD). Courses on this list were identified based on enrollments since fall 2014, space considerations, High Demand/Controlled Access Courses (HD/CA), major requirements for high enrollment majors, wait lists, and student success rates. This list is not exhaustive in scope, but courses were identified as those that likely meet the impact criteria of the RFP (How will the proposed project affect Stony Brook students? How will they benefit? How many students will benefit? How will it affect graduation rates?). Courses previously funded by S-BOLD are also not listed here. Other courses not listed here may still meet the criteria for impact.


AMS102: Elements of Statistics

AMS110: Probability & Stat Life Science

AMS151: Applied Calculus I

AMS161: Applied Calculus II

AMS210: Applied Linear Algebra

AMS310: Survey of Probability and Stat

AMS361: Applied Calculus IV: Diff Eq.

ANP300: Human Anatomy

BIO201: Organisms to Ecosystems

BIO202: Molecular & Cellular Biology

BIO203: Cellular and Organ Physiology

BIO204: Intro Biology Lab I

BIO205: Intro Biology Lab IIA

BIO314: Cancer Biology

BIO315: Microbiology

BIO320: General Genetics

BUS111: Intro to Bus for Non-Bus Maj

BUS115: Intro to Business for Majors

BUS215: Intro to Business Statistics

BUS330: Principles of Finance

BUS210: Financial Accounting

CHE133: General Chemistry Lab I

CHE134: General Chemistry Lab II

CHE321: Organic Chemistry I

CHE322: Organic Chemistry IIA

CSE 214: Computer Science II

ECO108: Introduction to Economics

ECO305: Intermediate Macroeconomic Th.

ECO320: Mathematical Statistics

EST201: Technological Trends in  Society

HAN251: Resrch Methods Health Science

MAT125-27: Calculus A-C

MAT131-32: Calculus I-II

MEC280: Pollution and Human Health

PHY121: Physics for Life Sciences I

PHY122: Physics for Life Sciences II

PHY123: Physics for Life Sci Lab I

PHY124: Physics for Life Sciences Lab II

PHY125: Classical Physics A

PHY131: Classical Physics I

PHY132: Classical Physics II

POL102: Intro to American Government

PSY103: Introduction to Psychology

PSY201: Statistical Methods in Psychology

PSY220: Survey in Developmental Psych

 PSY230: Survey in Abnormal & Clin Psy

PSY240: Survey in Social Psychology

PSY250: Survey in Biopsychology

PSY310: Research and Writing in Psych

SOC105: Introduction to Sociology




Appendix 2: A List of Courses with 200+ enrollment based on AY 2014-15

Courses already listed in Appendix 1 are not repeated here.
Courses previously funded by S-BOLD are not listed here. 


AMS103: Applied Math in Technology

AMS301: Finite Mathematical Structures

AMS311: Probability Theory

AMS315: Data Analysis

ANP120: Intro to Biological Anthropol

ANT102: Intro to Cultural Anthropology

ANT260: How We Eat

ARH206: Modern Art

ARS154: Foundations: Drawing

BIO207: Intro Bio Lab IIB

BIO317: Principles of Cellular Signali

BIO325: Animal Development

BIO334: Principles of Neurobiology

BIO358: Bio & Human Soc & Sex Behavior

BIO458: Speak Effectively Before/Aud

BUS220: Intro to Decision Sciences

BUS326: Organizational Behavior

BUS340: Information Systms in Managmnt

BUS346: Operations Management

BUS348: Principles of Marketing

BUS447: Business Ethics

CCS101: Intro to Cinema & Cultural Stu

CHE130: Problem Solving in Generl Chem

CHE152: Molecular Science I

CHE154: Molecular Science Laboratory I

CHE327: Organic Chemistry Laboratory

CSE/ISE215: Foundations of Comp Science

CSE/ISE312: Legal Issues in Info Systems

CSE/MAT373: Analysis of Algorithms

CSE219: Computer Science III

CSE220: Systems Fundamentals I

CSE303: Intro to Theory of Computation

CWL202: Introduction/Creative Writing

ECO360: Money and Banking

ESE121: Introduction to Audio Systems

ESE123: Intro to Elec and Compu Engrng

ESE271: Electrical Circuit Analysis I

ESG281: Engnrng Intro to Solid State

ESL192: High Intermediate Writing

ESL194: Advanced Composition

EST104: Projects/ Technology & Society

EST320: Communication Tech Systems

EST325: Technology in the Workplace

EST330: Natural Disasters

EST392: Engnrng & Managerial Economics


HSQ270: Emgrcy Response, CPR, Safety

HUI235: Sex, Love, Trag Early Ital Lit

HUI239: Modern Italy

LIN200: Language in the United States

MAP103: Proficiency Algebra

MAT203: Calculus III with Applications

MAT211: Introduction to Linear Algebra

MAT303: Calculus IV with Applications

MEC102: Engrg Computg & Prob Solvg

MEC104: Practical Science of Things

MEC203: Eng Graphics and CAD

MEC260: Engineering Statics

MUS101: Introduction to Music

MUS109: Rock Music

MUS119: Elements of Music

MUS268: SBU Seawolves Marching Band

PHI101: Hist. Intro to Western Phil.

PHI104: Moral Reasoning

PHI105: Politics and Society

PHI108: Logical and Critical Reasoning

PHI200: Intro to Ancient Philosophy

POL101: World Politics

POL103: Intro to Comparative Politics

PSY260: Survey in Cognition & Perceptn

PSY273: Supervised Rsrch in Psychology

PSY334: Autism Spectrum Disorders

PSY338: Behavior Deviation in Children

PSY346: Health Psychology

EUR101: Foundations European Culture

EUR201: Dvpt of European Culture

GEO101: Environmental Geology

GEO102: The Earth

GEO104: Global effects/nat. disasters

GEO105: Energy Resources/21st C

GEO107: Natural Hazards

SOC310: Ethnic and Race Relations

SPN111: Elementary Spanish I

SPN112: ElementarySpanish II

THR101: Introduction to Theatre Arts

THR104: Play Analysis

WST103: Women, Culture, and Difference





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