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Advisory Groups

The Associate Provost of Online Education receives advice from two advisory groups: The Online Education Executive Committee and the Online Education Advisory Group. While the main function of the Executive Committee consisting of senior administrators is to establish visions and policies, the OLEAG consisting of faculty, staff and students provides insights on implementation. The two groups work in tandem to achieve the university’s mission in online education.

The Online Education Executive Committee

The Online Education Executive Committee was formed to establish visions and initialize policies and guidelines for online education at the University. Members of the committee are senior administrators from different sectors.


Group Members

Patricia Aceves, Assistant Provost and Director of the Faculty Center

Stefan Hyman, Assistant Provost for Enrollment Strategies, Communications and Analytics

Charles Robbins, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Dean of Undergraduate Colleges

Charles Taber, Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education, Dean of the Graduate School

Stella Tsirka, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

GOAL (Group for Online and Alternate Learning)

The Group for Online and Alternate Learning (GOAL) consists of faculty, staff and students with experience and interests in online education. Its main mission is to provide feedback and advice on implementation aspects of various policies and guidelines. Members of GOAL can also initiate policy based on members’ insights in online education. The initiated policy will then be reviewed by the Executive Committee.


Group Members

Steven Adelson, Undergraduate Student Representative

Brenda Anderson (Psychology), Graduate Council

Darren Chase, University Libraries

Cynthia Davidson (Writing and Rhetoric), Senate Committee on Information Technology

Kane Gillespie, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Council

Keri Hollander (Nursing), Educational Services Committee

Davinder Kaur, Assistant Dean Office of E-Learning, School of Professional Development

Aristotle Lekacos, College of Business

Michael Mooney, Office of the Registrar

Margaret Anne Schedel (CDACT), Senate Committee on Information Technology

Natalie Stenzoski, Graduate Student Representative

Linda Unger, TLT

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