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The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is a member-supported Stony Brook University program that is further supported by  generous endowments to the Stony Brook Foundation from the Bernard Osher Foundation. OLLI is administered by the Stony Brook University  School of Professional Development in consultation with the  OLLI Advisory Board. This page has been established to share information about OLLI operations, including budget summaries, policies, procedures, goals, and plans. Information will be updated regularly as it becomes available.

Any questions regarding the information below should be brought to the attention of members of the OLLI Advisory Board, so they may be discussed at future OLLI Advisory Board Meetings.


The documents below are copies of important emails that have been sent to the membership from the OLLI Office. This section, which has been organized by semester, has been created as an easy way for members to retrieve and review those emails.

Fall 2018

Date Sent Description Last Update
2018-06-13 OLLI Fall Program Announcement Meeting 2018-06-22
2018-06-20 Registration Helpers Needed 2018-06-20
2018-06-27 Program Outline 2018-06-27
2018-07-03 Registration Information 2018-07-27
2018-07-16 Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 Campus Parking Update 2018-07-16
2018-08-03 Parking Update - Hang Tags 2018-08-03
2018-08-03 Registration Update - August 3 2018-08-03
2018-08-13 Registration Update - August 13 2018-08-31


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